DAY 10

27. června 2013 v 21:18 | Webmiss |  My Fitness Diary
My day started with 30 sec side plank at each side. I still have problem with getting used to this morning exercises, because doing them in my pyjamas is really funny.
After that I went to school and came back just on time for zumba. It was the last lesson before summer holiday and it lasted fo 1 and half hour! Great!
So when I came home from zumba, I ate a small snack and finished my routine with Cassey. It means 3 workouts- 1) Fat Burning Cardio Workout, which I did at the weekend and I loved it! 2) Legilates Legsercizes Leg Workout - my legs were on fire! It was so hard for me to do this exercise after zumba. And 3) Till The World Ends Workout - it was the last shot for me. I think I´ll be glad if I wake up tommorow. I am really exhausted from all these exercises today and also from my new shoes that i wore today for the 2nd time.
Don´t stop, keep going !
Kisses Bonnie


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