DAY 12

30. června 2013 v 12:39 | Webmiss |  My Fitness Diary
Yesterday I finished my 12th day from Beginner´s calendar. I started with 50 pelvic thrusts and then continued with running only a few kilometres (maybe 3? I don´t know the nmber of kilometres exactly) and when I came home I did my popster´s routine. The plan for yesterday was ABS (nooo!! my ABS is sooo weak that it´s really hard for me to do all the exercises, but I feel that it´s slowly but surely becoming stronger!). I did Pick Me Up Quickie Workout-easy and pleasant. After that I continued with 8 minute ABS-sooo funny! I´ve already done this one and it´s really really cool video. And the last exercise was my not very favourite one- ABS Abc... a hard video and a hardwork for my ABS.
But here I am now alive, which mean I did it! I
P.S. In the evening I went out with my sister and my friend and I literally danced almost the whole night! SO my legs are on fire and today´s plan is Total body, so I´m curious if I die, or not.
Finger crossed for me please,
See you


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