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Day 5? The worst so far. I am totally exhausted:-(
In the morning I drank an 8 oz glass of water (it way very funny, in the Cezch Republic we have a different measurement system, so I had to google how many glasses of water I am supposed to drink and I found that a 8 oz glass is approximately 2/3 of one glass, so I hope it´s right).
The calendar reads that this day is focused on ABS, so I expected that it would be hard and yees, I was right! It was hard work! I don´t know why, but before I started doing my exercises I read the comments bellow and I was afraid of today´s exercises...everyone wrote how tough and horrible this workout was, so I stopped reading and started. First video is a Pick-Me-Up Quickie Workout, it has about 9 minutes it´s quite challenging, but I did it! The next workout is called Body Slimming, and no, I am not as flexible as Cassey, but I did my best, despite my burning body. And the last workout Cary Core Workout, it lasts 11 minutes and it totally ruined me. Yes, combination of today´s workout completely finished me off.
So I´m glad this day i over and I have soe time to regenerate and I hope I will be well prepared on tomorrow.
So have a nice day and see you!



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