23. června 2013 v 13:56 | Webmiss |  My Fitness Diary
I´ve just finished my workouts on DAY 6, so here is my REPORT!
First thing I´ve done after I woke up was 20 situps-well it was OK. After breakfast and shopping I did two workouts-firstly I did Feel Good Soul Stretches, which was realy nice and I liked it. Then I did Backless Dress Workout, which was also very good, Cassey was outdoor and the exercises weren´t extra difficult. And few minutes ago I finished my today´s plan with What makes you bootyful Butt Challeng. It was a butt challenge to music from One Direction, specifically to song What makes you beautiful. Yes, it was a real challenge, but the song was great, Cassey as well, so I enjoyed it!
I´m looking forward to next day!

Have a nice day,


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