DAY 18,19,20 & 21

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I forgot to write about my experiences with beginner´s calendar from , but here I am!

DAY 18

This day started with 30 seconds Hollow Rocks-have you ever done it? It´s awful! Really! Try to wake up in the morning, get out of your bed and do Hollow Rocks for a few seconds and you´ll see. Then, after my breakfast, I continued with Quiet Cardio (it was good), Stretching for Flexibility (I am becoming better, but it´s still not enough for me) and ended with Super Butt Wokout (not sure if SUPER is the right word for this workout).

DAY 19

Haha...the worst day so far. I started my day with 1 min plank, which I´ve done quite well despite the shaking. And in the evening I did the rest, that means-Pick Me Up Quickie Workout (not bad for a start), ABC Abs (this is the workout I hate the most, it´s really difficult for my ABS to do that) and the last workout was Body Slimming (my body was shaking almost during the whole workout, so I think this just finished me off).

DAY 20

And today I did 10 roll ups in the morning, Feel Good Soul Stretches (my favourite stretching) after breakfast and then Legs and Thighs (I think I´ll be glad if I sit tommorow, my butt was working so hard) and the last workout for today is GREAT GATSBY Workout (Ihaven´t done this today,but i promise I will, because it´s my favourite :-)) Cassey is a good dancer and it´s funny way of doing exercises).

DAY 21

Tommorow I have a rest, so there won´t be much to write about :-))

Buď první, kdo ohodnotí tento článek.


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