Monday 15th July

15. července 2013 v 13:48 | Webmiss |  My Fitness Diary
today I started with Cassey´s POP Pilates calendar for July (because yesterday I finished begginer´s calendar), so here´s my report from the 1st day.
I started with new workout - it´s a song challenge Alive by Krewella and it´s pretty good. After that I did 8 minutes ABS routine, which I did two days ago ad wrote a lot of stuff about that video. Next routine was Crazy Core workout, also well known for me from begginer´s calendar so I don´t have to write much about it, so let´s just move on to the next video : Miley Cyrus Ab Workout-the first move is really really good, so I recomend you to try it! Ok, some exercises in this video are not easy at all, but I tried to do them, although I know it wasn´t so good. And the last workout was Ab All night and I think it should be named Ab horror time, because my body didn´t like it and I was seriously thinking about not doing exercises anymore, because I was really done.
Buut here I am, still alive and stronger than ever:-)
So don´t stop, go on, you can do this (see I can also do it, let´s go do it together!)


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